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Carmelia Haven is a stylish, eco friendly resort set amidst a tea and cardamom plantation where guests will be in communion with many of nature's many splendored charms. Situated close to the village of Vandanmedu, a half hour drive from Thekkady along the Thekkady - Munnar road, the area is the largest producer of cardamom in the world.

A mountain road travels through stunningly beautiful landscapes, climbing gradually into the mountains, winding into tighter turns moving forward, moving higher. Turn into Carmelia Haven, onto a drive way past the building housing the reception, a handicrafts store, leisure area and a couple of suites. The lawn in front has a couple of gazebos with wrought iron furniture that guests can lounge in. Stone paved pathways branch out along the ridge towards two ends of the property. Fringed on either edge by lush cardamom bushes, vines of pepper and clearings with fruit trees, guests are transported on electric carts to cottages set along the hill's slope. The deluxe cottages lie along one arm of the spur, the path ending at the tree houses. A delightful multi cuisine restaurant and banquets area built with a stone fa?ade, a verandah and a thatch roof sits beside the trail. Another trail towards the opposite end of the ridge will transport guests to the honeymoon cottages and the Jacuzzi villas. At the bottom of the valley is the resorts spacious swimming pool with deck chairs and umbrellas.

All along guests are accompanied by seductive scents of clove and cinnamon: lingering in a tender embrace, ginger and nutmeg: flavours tantalizing the mind's palate, trees abundant in season with mango, banana. Succumb to the tender ministrations of branches bearing oranges, mangostene, jackfruit, rambuttan, butterfruit, papaya and rose apple. Birds sing you their welcome, shy squirrels scamper into the under bush.